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Double garage design ideas, inspiration & pictures

How big is a double garage?

House sizes differ greatly depending on which country you live in, and the same goes for garage dimensions. The average size throughout the world is 5x2.5m, and it just happens to be the same in Malaysia.

What are the most common materials used?

The most common double garage materials are the same ones used for most home projects. Those are wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl.   

Wood: Wood garage doors are built using layers (plies) to prevent warping. Cedar, redwood, and fir are the most common types, and you can get factory-stained or finished on-site. 

Steel: Steel doors are quite popular because they’re strong, relatively cheap, and low maintenance. They also do a great job of imitating real wood when done correctly. 

Aluminum: Garage doors with aluminum panels get rid of rust problems, but are easier to make a dent in. They come in contemporary brushed finishes and a variety of colors. 

Fiberglass: This is less subject to denting or cracking. Fiberglass doesn’t rust but it can crack or break upon impact. Two layers of fiberglass are usually fitted to a steel frame and filled with polyurethane insulation. 

Vinyl: Vinyl garage doors are quite life-proof in that they are difficult to dent or break. This type is also filled with polyurethane insulation and fitted to a steel frame. It’s very durable and needs little maintenance.

How much would it cost to build a double garage?

There are a few factors to consider when calculating the average cost of a double garage in Malaysia. First, you have to think about the materials you’ll use and their cost, such as the technology you’ll need. This could be anything from a manual or an automatic door opener, or even some additional security features so you feel safe. You should also think about the working area and how you’ll fit the door as another entrance to the house. Does your garage have enough space how you’ve planned it? But whether you’re building it from scratch or renovating, a professional contractor should do the job, which of course comes at an extra cost to you, but will be well worth it.   

The average baseline cost for building a two-car garage is 107,000 MYR. The typical Malaysian spends between 72,000-158,000 MYR, with all of these factors considered. Lower end materials and contractors will only cost about 2600 MYR, while the higher end will be about 240,000 MYR.

What are the different door types for double garages?

When shopping for garage doors, they’re normally classified by size, type of doors, and materials. The most common types of doors are retractable doors, roller doors, sectional doors, and hinged doors.   

Standard single garage doors have measurements of 3x2m, 2.4x2m and 2.7x2m all around. These are ideal for the average home that needs space for a van, SUV, a small truck, or a car. If you have more than that, you need a double garage.   

Double garage door sizes are 4.8x2m, 4.2x2m and 3.6x2m. As the name suggests, these doors are designed for garages that need to house bigger or multiple vehicles.

Retractable Garage Doors: These are single panel doors that fully retract back into the garage, unlike canopy doors which partly hang over the outside. Retractable doors are designed for electrical operation and they aren’t as loud as other doors when opening and closing. They do require more space inside your garage than all other options. There are tracks that run along the ceiling, which reduces the available height inside.
Roller Garage Doors: These are a compactly designed solution and are typically made using corrugated steel panels. This allows the door to smoothly roll up into a box at the opening of the garage. No tracks on the ceiling means more interior space. They’re more expensive and come in a limited variety of styles. The panels make it difficult to hide the lines from the corrugated sections of the door, and also to paint over them. On the plus side, they’re very durable, secure, and require little maintenance. They can withstand harsh weather and are insulated to keep inside temperatures even. 

Sectional Garage Doors: These are the most popular design. A sectional uses both vertical tracks on the side and horizontal tracks on the ceiling to lift and close the door and are built with automatic openers for a quiet and smooth sound. The outside vertical tracks let you  maximize the width of your garage. These doors are rather expensive because of their well-engineered design, as they need multiple tracks and many parts for operation. Frequent lubrication and maintenance are required. 

Side-Hinged Garage Door: These use steel hinges to open out unlike the other door designs. This allows for maximum height and  more ceiling storage space. But side-hinged doors usually need manual operation and are not used for driving in and out of. This design is typical for those who use their garage as a workshop or for long-term vehicle storage. But because of their simplistic design, they’re easier to maintain than other doors.

Where do I find the right professional to build a double garage?

You can find a highly qualified professional from a few different channels. You should always start by asking friends and family for their personal recommendations. It’s always better to get someone you know has already done an amazing job. Secondly, you can reference the Yellow Pages or online directories using a simple search. We recommend our contractors:. On our professional directory page, you can find the right contractor for any occasion, or specifically for your double garage doors, and get in touch with them instantly.