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Dressing room Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Half & Half Circle Residenence:  Dressing room by TheeAe Architects
  2. House in Shatin :  Dressing room by Millimeter Interior Design Limited
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  4. Aureus:  Dressing room by Sensearchitects_Limited
  5. Aureus:  Dressing room by Sensearchitects Limited
  6.  Dressing room by Aykuthall Architectural Interiors
  7.  Dressing room by TEKNIA ESTUDIO
  8. Need help with your home project?
  9.  Dressing room by Kei設計室
  10.  Dressing room by Bienes Raices Gaia
  11.  Dressing room by 스튜디오쏭 (STUDIO SSONG)
  12.  Dressing room by Vogue Design
  13.  Dressing room by 極簡室內設計 Simple Design Studio
  14.  Dressing room by 存果空間設計有限公司
  15.  Dressing room by Santiago | Interior Design Studio
  16.  Dressing room by yuukistyle 友紀建築工房
  17.  Dressing room by Amplitude - Mobiliário lda
  18.  Dressing room by MJ Intérieurs
  19.  Dressing room by Santiago | Interior Design Studio
  20.  Dressing room by Sikora Wnetrza
  21.  Dressing room by Sambori Design
  22.  Dressing room by Ale design Grzegorz Grzywacz
  23.  Dressing room by John Toates Architecture and Design
  24.  Dressing room by 存果空間設計有限公司
  25.  Dressing room by 齊禾設計有限公司
  26.  Dressing room by homify
  27.  Dressing room by Lighthouse Architect Indonesia
  28.  Dressing room by 楊允幀空間設計
  29.  Dressing room by 木博士團隊/動念室內設計制作
  30.  Dressing room by タイラ ヤスヒロ建築設計事務所/yasuhiro taira architects & associates
  31.  Dressing room by 木博士團隊/動念室內設計制作
  32.  Dressing room by 寓子設計
  33.  Dressing room by homify

Watching a TV program or film and struck with a case of room envy? Does it ever happen to you? I have seen people falling in lust with beautifully designed living spaces, bedroom and kitchens on the silver screen are what set my heart atwitter.

Dressing rooms are the need for the shopaholics and trend lovers who buy a lot of clothes. If you are dreaming of having a similar dressing room to the one you have seen on the silver screen, here are some typical ways to achieve. 

Get Back To the Corners 

Look for economical and bespoke furniture that truly use the corner spaces of the room. The composition of the furniture for the dressing room should be according to the size of the chamber. Another aspect is the matching of furniture to the interior design of the chamber. Here are some more ideas that can be used to save space and accommodate a lot of storage in the dressing room: 

-          Dedicate a section of a large bedroom as a dressing area. Placing a free standing clothes rack gives practical storage as well as separates the bedroom area. 

-          The compact and useful trick is to put a folding screen in the room. Practical for those people who have a huge bedroom and also want a devoted dressing area.

-          A partition in the bathroom with a folding screen would be handy for those bathrooms that catch heavy traffic. You can easily duck behind the folding screen to get dressed, and other family members would use the bathroom at the same time. An important aspect to remember; only buy the water-resistant screen made from a material, such as waterproofed wood, faux leather or mirrors.

-          A walk-in closet would easily become a combined dressing room and a walk-in closet using a few dressing room essentials. Install a mirror, add a comfy chair and a dressing table to put your accessories on it. 

Immense Look for Him 

The 1st impression comes with the name of the dressing room is like, something for ladies. Not at all, discrimination not allowed! In fact, the trend is changing rapidly, more and more men are taking pride in their appearance. A male dressing room must be designed to reflect the personality and ease of access. 

The furniture with deep stain, darker in colour and solid would be an ideal choice. A masculine section needs plenty of space for pressed and neatly hung shirts for presentation purposes.

Convert the Idle Room into a Specific Dressing Area 

Most of the homes have an awkwardly shaped small room, and no one likes to use it. It would be a perfect idea to convert this gawky room into a beautiful, functional dressing room. Paint the walls with the bright and elegant looking colours.

Essentials to place in the room are a dressing table with relaxing chair, a folding separator and standing rack. Pick a perfect dress from your outfit collection, pamper yourself and make yourself a celebrity.