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  1.  Floors by 百玥空間設計, Eclectic Solid Wood Multicolored
  2.  Floors by Cadorin Group Srl - Top Quality Wood Flooring, Eclectic Wood Wood effect
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  4.  Floors by 大畠稜司建築設計事務所, Eclectic Solid Wood Multicolored
  5.  Floors by 六相設計 Phase6, Eclectic
  6.  Floors by Franthesco Spautz Arquitetura, Eclectic
  7.  Floors by 呈品設計, Eclectic
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  9.  Floors by Инна Азорская, Eclectic
  10.  Floors by DISARQ ARQUITECTOS., Eclectic Stone
  11.  Floors by 大吉利室內裝修設計工程有限公司, Eclectic