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Garage/ Shed design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. House in Shatin :  Garage/shed by Millimeter Interior Design Limited
  2. Grigio Cosmo:  Garage/shed by Sensearchitects_Limited
  3. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  4. Grigio Cosmo:  Garage/shed by Sensearchitects Limited
  5.  Double Garage by Regalraum UK
  6.  Garage/shed by イデア建築デザイン事務所
  7.  Garage/shed by Hasta architects
  8. Need help with your home project?
    Need help with your home project?
  9.  Garage/shed by dwarf
  10.  Garage/shed by studioWTA
  11.  Garage/shed by 株式会社 ATELIER O2
  12.  Double Garage by TEKTON | テクトン建築設計事務所
  13.  Carport by Carport-Schmiede GmbH & Co. KG Hersteller für Metallcarports und Stahlcarports
  14.  Garage/shed by Arquitectura MAS
  15.  Garage/shed by Clearviz Designs
  16.  Garage Doors by CIERRES METALICOS AVILA, S.L.
  17.  Garage/shed by Studio Gritt
  18.  Garage/shed by Cenit Arquitectos
  19.  Garage/shed by 株式会社moKA建築工房
  20.  Double Garage by TEKTON | テクトン建築設計事務所
  21.  Garage/shed by Kawakatsu Design
  22.  Garage/shed by モリモトアトリエ / morimoto atelier
  23.  Garage/shed by Pauline Kubiak Arquitetura
  24.  Garage/shed by Cenit Arquitectos
  25.  Garage/shed by 西川真悟建築設計
  26.  Garage/shed by TERAJIMA ARCHITECTS
  27.  Garage/shed by Folio Design
  28.  Garage/shed by epb arquitectura
  29.  Garage/shed by Ideal Ferro snc
  30.  Garage/shed by Alto Arquitetos
  31.  Carport by Steelmanufaktur Beyer
  32.  Carport by Schmiedekunstwerk GmbH
  33.  Garage/shed by Designer de Interiores e Paisagista Iara Kílaris

Brilliant ideas to organize garage:

Toys, bikes, junk, tools and more tools; does it looks like your garage? Summer is around the corner and stays in the garage now become more often. The garage space need an interactive session to make it neat and orderly. Are you wondering how to organize your garage in an easy and creative way? If yes, then these ideas are definitely for you. Here I am going to show you some smart tips to organize your garage that worth a try!

Dealing With Tight Budgets

Following a tight budget? Don’t want to spend money on organizing the garage, then you must follow this crafty idea. You can recycle all the tin cans from your kitchen to save small items. Mostly small and tiny things that are not used in daily routine can be utilized in those tins safely. Simple hang those tins with a hook on a peg board. I suggest you to start saving those tin cans.

If you simply add some tiles or paint on the wall your garage will look a more organized and cleaned. You can get these floor tiles at a very reasonable price. You can also brighten up the garage by painting the walls with some bright colors. If you have stairs in the garage, you can add a message on each footstep.

Mudroom And Basket Storage

Looking for space to adjust for mudroom? The garage would be an ideal space. You can hang your winter coats, umbrellas and hats on hooks throughout the season. Dedicate a little space with a small bench as a shoe cubby. You can also go for a standing closet for coats. 

This idea is super creative and especially for those who want to maximize their garage store space. To make the most out of your garage space just get everything off the floor and arrange them in the basket storages. Don’t use your garage as a dumping ground for useless things. Hang them on the side walls. Another trick is to add some gardening supplies and sport equipment tools in those baskets. You can also add multiple baskets and name these baskets with a label. This label will help you to recall what’s in the basket.

Using Walls And Wooden Ceiling Racks 

Use each wall in a best possible way. Fill the walls with shelves and baskets. You can fill your wall with wall mounted storage. Arrange a pegboard on one wall. You can hang bikes, tools and other equipment on walls to make an excellent use of it. Use the highest spot to save your childhood memorabilia and some old but important documents. You can also put your holiday decorations and some seasonal gears.

Add wooden ceiling shelves or sliding storage tubs, put items that are no longer in use or that are extra. These storage containers are very useful in consuming less space, and you can keep tools and other goodies in these tubs. If you add a tower rack in the corner of the room, it would be a perfect solution for brooms and other long handles items. I hope these few creative tips and tricks will help you to store your stuff in a practical and efficient manner.