Garden design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. Sava Sai -  Phuket, Thailand: modern Garden by Original Vision
  2. Sava Sai -  Phuket, Thailand: modern Garden by Original Vision
  3. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  4. Jump into the Garden: modern Garden by Sensearchitects_Limited
  5. Materials are important too: modern Garden by Sensearchitects_Limited
  6. Jump into the Garden: modern Garden by Sensearchitects Limited
  7. Materials are important too: modern Garden by Sensearchitects Limited
  8. Need help with your garden?
    Need help with your garden?
  9. Tycoon Place: modern Garden by Another Design International
  10. Villa Amanzi: modern Garden by Original Vision
  11. Villa Amanzi: modern Garden by Original Vision
  12.  Garden Pond by Arkalli
  13.  Rock Garden by Villalobos Image Maker
  15. rustic Garden by shaun.roper
  16. modern Garden by JUNOR ARQUITECTOS
  17. minimalistic Garden by Rooms de Cocinobra
  18. modern Garden by Lugo - Architettura del Paesaggio e Progettazione Giardini
  19. mediterranean Garden by Gorgeous Gardens
  20. rustic Garden by Cenquizqui
  21. modern Garden by Braun & Würfele - Holz im Garten
  22. country Garden by A-kotar
  23. classic Garden by Dotto Francesco consulting Green
  24. modern Garden by CONILLAS - exteriors
  25. classic Garden by 윤성하우징
  26. rustic Garden by contacto36
  27. classic Garden by Rudeco Construcciones
  28. modern Garden by Jardines Paisajismo Y Decoraciones Elyflor
  29. classic Garden by Luxury Antonovich Design
  30. scandinavian Garden by homify
  31. modern Garden by Le Verande srls
  32. modern Garden by avidra
  33. rustic Garden by Stefani Arquitetura

A dream garden is one that the owners love to hang out in. But, the idea of the perfect one is, of course, subjective. To be sure, there is no single model of perfection and there are thousands of different ways to create one that is a beautiful, cherished place to relax and entertain friends. Generally, the best outdoor areas are designed to make the most of the available spaces. They might rely on flowers and shrubs to create hints of colour. They might feature tastefully-arranged furniture. Alternatively, they could just be minimalist and designed with only the essentials. The key thing to remember is that by skillfully designing your yard using the right styles and a little imagination, anyone can create the perfect home suited to their own tastes.

How do I effectively plan a garden? 

Planning is crucial in achieving a harmonious and successful design, so take some time to assess the various styles on homify before settling upon a final design goal. You might even want to reach out to experts like horticulturists, who can advise about which plants will do best in the conditions of your property, while landscape architects can offer aesthetic suggestions to make it look as good as possible. If you live a busy lifestyle, planning the yard well can ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum. If you choose the right plants, they can look fabulous, require minimal water and take up very little of your time.

What about fence ideas?

It’s not the most glamorous aspect of design, but all outdoor spaces need to be surrounded by a sturdy fence to protect their plants and separate them from the property of others. Thankfully, there are plenty of attractive and stylish fencing materials that can be painted to fit in with your chosen style, and skilful gardeners can also train attractive plants like passion fruit vines along trellises on the fence. Fences can also be used to create privacy in some areas, particularly in places like Hong Kong where properties can be packed closely together.

How do I create a functional garden space? 

The most important thing to remember when styling yours is what the outcome will be used for. Will you be hosting parties, events for children or just using the space to relax after a hard day’s work? Do you have the luxury of a swimming pool, which might need extra paving? Nature lovers will also want to include features to help animals and plants thrive. For all outdoor areas, shade and sunlight are key considerations. Think about which parts of the area get the most sun. These could be the right area for sun terraces or plants which need plenty of warmth. There might also be room for covered areas for sheltering from the rain.

What exactly can I do to my garden? 

What you choose to do with yours will largely depend upon your own imagination, and homify recommends that you try to realise your own vision as much as possible. However, all of them tend to have certain elements in common. Almost all gardeners will have to choose which mixture of plants to include. Do you want tropical blooms to create an exotic Asian-themed for Hong Kong’s climate, or do you want to try plants from other parts of the world? Popular additions also include ponds for ornamental fish, as well as water features like fountains, while rock gardens, trellises and seating terraces are also common. The exact mix will depend upon you. If you love to host barbecues, a cooking terrace will be essential. For gatherings and  parties, lawn space and the right furniture are a must.

Where can I find ideas for garden design? 

You don’t need to rely on experts or media to get ideas on how to style one. Instead, homify have created an easy to use way to explore the many different styles, allowing anyone to design and build their dream. All you need to do is search the homify catalogue, choosing designs that catch your eye. These can then be entered into the reader’s very own Ideabook, which logs your favourites pictures for later viewing. The ideabook also allows you to make notes as you search, so that no moments of inspiration are lost. Finally, you can post your queries on our free consultation page to get expert opinion on your project.