House Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Choosing a house is one of the biggest and most exciting projects a person will ever embark upon. But, building or buying a home can be a daunting task. A person should pour down on the page, all the features that the new home could include, then use common sense and practical considerations to rule out what’s not practical or possible, or out of the budget. Afterwards, they’ll be left with a realistic dream that’s even more exciting for the knowledge that it’s actually achievable. The first step is to design a home – one of the most thrilling phases of a housing project as it’s when the designer gets to put all your dreams down on paper and watch as the dream home begins to take shape on the page.

What are the prices of properties in Hong Kong? 

While it is true that Hongkong is considered as one of the most expensive cities in the world, and is reportedly home to the world’s most expensive property in terms of dollar per square meters. The British-style villa is located on Repulse Bay, a posh residential area known as the address for the country’s richest. But, despite the rising prices in HK, there are other areas where you can easily find a one-bedroom home in a suburban areas such as West Kowloon or Kowloon Tong for as little as $5 million, but the price can most likely rise up to $100 million for bigger-sized properties situated in more central areas like Wan Chai, The Mid-Levels, or Happy Valley. 

How do I find the right house? 

Getting out and about is the best way. Taking a stroll through preferred neighbourhoods speaking to estate agents and browsing the listings in several of the local papers all helps.A couple with no children could well get by in a one bedroom home, but if they’re thinking of adding to the family they should look into at least one extra room they can turn into a nursery. If there’s a home business, looking for another room again to turn into a home office is a good idea. Ultimately, it comes down to both what is needed for the size of the family, and what the budget allows. If you are unsure, you can visit homify’s free consultation page for free advice. 

Which home is right for me? 

There are many types and styles of properties out there, not to mention sizes. A single family home is perfect for couples with or without children, or, if they plan on splitting the cost of a home by sharing with friends, a multi-family home may be just what the group is looking for. Where a person is thinking of living has a bearing too, especially on the materials they might want to look at. A concrete house will suit future home owners considering an area prone to high winds or floods, but if they’re thinking about somewhere without any weather extremes, a rustic wooden house could be a dream come true. For those who regularly dream of upping sticks and hitting the road, destination to be determined, investing in a mobile house could be ideal, as that way there is no tie to any one place.

How do I decide if I should renovate my house or build a new one? 

Simple. If the current home is still in good stead, aiming to stay in it by renovating is best. However, if a family has outgrown their house or it just won’t stand up to the sorts of improvements planned, building anew is a better option. If you choose to build you own house from scratch, sitting down and designing a dream home is the best start. You can then start using homify for hints and tips, and find a builder or construction company to do the work. 

What are the important things to consider when buying property? 

A couple of things to consider include: building materials (traditional red brick design? Or maybe modern wood panelling, or even a home built from clay?), roofing (small tiles, grey slate or perhaps an old fashioned thatched roof?) and finishes and renders (will only exposed beams and raised ceilings do? Or is concrete finishing and modern metal sheeting more the thing?). Ideally, someone looking for a new home needs to know exactly what they want before committing their ideas to paper (and definitely before hiring a builder or speaking to a real estate agent), so thinking it through ahead of time is a must.