Modern simply means "up to date", so in one sense a modern house is simply a home that is built to current trends. However, there is more to it than that. The term modern refers to the Modernist movement in architecture, which began in the first decades of the 20th century. Reacting against old-fashioned styles which they saw as incorporating too much ornamentation, contemporary dwelling designers sought a new way to live. The result was a style of building which used new materials like concrete, steel and sheet glass in ways that had never been attempted before. Nowadays, there is an endless variety of ways to build modern homes. However, all modern home designs tend to share some common themes. They are simple, functional, elegant and are not intricately decorated. Their beauty is derived from harmony, which in turn is created by the quality of their design. Essentially, they are houses that are adapted in every sense to modern living.

How do I design a modern house?

The best way to design a modern property is by logging onto homify’s online design portal to have a look at the interpretations of modernism offered by the best home designers from across the world. At homify, it’s easy to search through designs for every room in the home, as well as gardens, balconies, swimming pools and sheds or garages. You don’t need to leave any element of your modern home design out, and can easily design an entire house from nothing. The key tool that we offer is its ideabook function. With your Ideabook, you can make notes of everything that inspires you, keeping listings handy for later inspection. When you have finished browsing, you can also read through our huge library of design tutorials from the experts. In no time, you should be able to form an image of what your ideal house will look like. Plus, you can also go on our free consultation page for free advice!

What should I consider when planning a modern house?

In a modern house, each element of the design comes together harmoniously with no ’loose ends’. Try to keep the room layout nice and simple, avoiding the need for long corridors or landings. The idea is to use space efficiently, making the home as usable as possible for everyone who visits. Modernist architects like to compare their creations to machines for living, and this is a saying that you might bear in mind when creating your own modern home. Think about harmony as well. Does the shape of the house make sense? Does it collect sunlight effectively or provide privacy where needed, such as the sleeping areas? Think about colour as well. Modern home designs tend to use very few bright or rich tones, preferring cool white or cream colour schemes. The aim is to allow paint to sit elegantly with the use of natural materials, not to create jarring contrasts.

What should I consider when I build a modern house?

The first thing to consider when building a modern home is who will be using the home? Are you building for a family who need plenty of space, terraced areas and gardens to enjoy?Alternatively, it might simply be a modern apartment or small prefabricated home for a couple to retire in. The exterior is important in modern homes as well. They tend to make clever use of concrete, brickwork and, above all else, glass – creating a light, minimalist effect which doesn’t try to overwhelm the natural surroundings. Inside, think about how to make the best use of space. Modern home designs are characterised by clever use of space with inventive storage areas and rooms with dual functionality. You might even choose to include a mezzanine area to make even better use of space and light. If you are an art lover, it will also be important to provide spaces that are well lit and prominent for the display of paintings and sculpture. The end result will be a modern home that marries beauty with function as effortlessly as possible.

What does a modern house cost?

Beauty doesn’t have to come with a mammoth price tag, particularly in modern home design. Hong Kong is famously densely populated, but with a cleverly designed modern home layout, you can have a beautiful place to live in the city which makes perfect use of the space available. The less land that you use, the lower the cost will be. Additionally, a modern home tends to use as few materials as possible in its design, which can save money on the final construction. With their high level of energy efficiency, the long term cost of heating a modern home also tend to be lower than alternative designs. So a modern home doesn’t have to be a luxury. You can find plenty of affordable ideas at homify which proves the point.