Kitchen Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

The kitchen has always been a crucial part of the home. As the place where meals are prepared, traditional options are often the warmest and coziest parts of the house. However, modern ones tend to reach further, becoming a place to relax with a meal, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. They are places to spend time, and spaces to show off to visitors for their style and functionality. That’s why it makes sense to spend time thinking about the kind of design that you want to aim for when designing your dream space.

How can Homify help in your design project? 

Homify specializes in allowing home designers to discover new styles and inspirational ideas. If you are serious about design, then Homify’s catalog will provide an easy way to pick and choose the elements that you desire. As customers browse the many style ideas on offer, Homify makes it easy to record your thoughts and favorites using the ideabook function. When designing yours, there are plenty of questions to ponder. For example, what kind of flooring will work best in your space? Do you need a wide selection of appliances, and how will they be integrated into the cabinets and shape of the room? How much seating and dining space will be included in the design, and what kind of decorative elements are needed to round off the final appearance? This is the reason why we also have a free consultation page, so you can get expert opinion!

How do I find the right kitchen planner?

In the past, anyone seeking a bespoke design for their home had to do everything from scratch or seek professional expertise, which always comes with a cost. If you are designing something with specific needs in mind such as wheelchair access or child safety, then you might want to consult an interior designer. However, the Ideabook system from Homify provides a way to build DIY rooms to your own specifications, using the finest design talent from around the world. Nowadays, you can use the internet to achieve wonders without bringing in planners to do the hard work for you.

How do I design an open plan kitchen? 

Designing an open kitchen is a great way to combine cooking spaces with seating and relaxation areas, and is particularly suited to larger homes. In many open plans, the main dining area is set aside from the food preparation area – allowing dinner to be enjoyed away from cooking odors. A good way to create this separation is by installing a breakfast bar between the different zones. In open designs it helps to choose the right decor ideas to fill the empty space – and having attractive, comfortable seating is a central consideration.

Which floor is perfect for my kitchen?

This is a really important consideration for anyone seeking ideas. Floors need to be durable and easy to clean without becoming damaged. However, they should also provide enough grip to prevent anyone slipping over. Wood is a popular option for traditional or rustic spaces, as is elegant stone. However, there are plenty of choices, from dazzling modernist tile designs to cleverly produced imitation wood which is easy to clean and hard wearing. Those with children might want to choose a softer material such as wood, to prevent any harmful accidents, but for those with an eye on sharp designs – tiling can be turned into beautiful patterns which fit the space perfectly.

How do I decorate my small kitchen? 

Small kitchens present some potential design challenges. Packing everything into a small space can leave little scope for creative design. However, by using intelligent storage ideas such as integrated appliances and wall mounted cabinets or drawers, it is possible to make the most of even the smallest space. Add some charm to a cramped space with strategically placed flowers or shelves showing off your fine porcelain. Get more worktop space by building u-shaped kitchens and harness natural light to open up the space via windows where possible. With a little thought, you can achieve miracles in a small space.