No matter what the size and shape of your living room, and no matter if you plan to use this room for entertaining friends, relaxing alone or both, homify is here to help you to create the perfect modern living room. homify enables you to use colour, form, and decor to the best advantage to create an amazing contemporary look for your living room. But, before you embark on your decorating project, however, make sure that you have answered these following questions:

What the the important elements of a modern living room?

There is no single template for a modern living room, and homify will provide you with plenty of creative ideas to interpret the contemporary theme. In general, though certain staple themes of chic living area designs can certainly be identified. The contemporary living room is typically characterised by elegance, a simple and even minimalist style, the latest technology and a sleek blend of practicality and style. homify offers a range of interior design ideas for modern spaces, so that you will have no problem interpreting this theme so that it best suits your personal tastes and your aspirations for your living room.

Which colours suit a modern living room?

One of the main things that defines the modern area is a sense of space, and this is something that you can achieve with a variety of different light shades. Opt for classic, clean white walls if you want a non-fussy and classically elegant and contemporary living room. Or, be more adventurous with sunny lemon yellows, fresh pastel greens, or even pale silver hues for a touch of space age glam. Neon and metallic hues are also great for giving a room a very contemporary feel, and though these colours can often be a bit too much to put all over the walls, they are great for small accessories such as cushions, tabletops, table runners, and lamp shades. It does not matter if your living room is large or small, you can give it a wonderfully spacious feel with some careful attention to colour.

How do I decorate my modern living room?

An uncluttered, even minimalist, aesthetic, is perfect for the modern living room. That does not mean you cannot add in some amazing decorations though. As suggested above, using homify to source accessories in metallic, neon, or light shades, will help to enhance the look of your space. homify will provide plenty of inspiration about how to combine all of the features of the room from the curtains to the cushions, to create a harmonious and contemporary effect. To top everything off, why not head down to a gallery or art shop and add some modern art in chic frames on the walls? A modern sculpture is also ideal for adorning a small table in one corner of the room. At homify, you will be able to find cabinets and tables galore to help you to display your art. And, of course, a modern room is the perfect place to house that flat screen TV, sound system, or amazing new home entertainment system.

What needs to be considered when decorating the living room walls?

When decorating the walls of a modern living room, maintaining a spacious and airy feel is essential. As well as ensuring that the colours on the walls reflect this aesthetic, another thing to pay attention to is lighting. Wall lighting in contemporary designs is perfect for creating a variety of moods, and if you opt for lighting that can be controlled with a rotating knob or a variety of switches then your modern room can go from bright and breezy to cosy and romantic instantly. Use homify’s lighting design section to help you to decide about how to place your lighting and which types of light fixture to use; homify has everything from the ornate to the super minimalist. Then, decide whether you want your lighting to point up towards the ceiling, or down towards the floor. Using light fittings to pinpoint certain areas is also a great way to accentuate its good points; having a spotlight fall onto a small modern statuette or just your favourite chair for reading in are two examples of this.

What the most important trick for creating an amazing modern living room?

If you need the above advice from homify distilled into a few simple tips and tricks, here they are. In order to create a modern living space, just keep things feeling spacious and uncomplicated, by de-cluttering the living room space and using plenty of light colours. Combine modern art with metallic fabrics and colours for an elegant yet subtly futuristic feel. Feel free to showcase the latest technology in this room, as modern decor is perfect with gadgets and devices for home entertainment, music making and so on. If you still have queries, you can visit homify’s free consultation page for free advice!