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Single family homes - design ideas and pictures

The living situation in Hong Kong means you’re used to the fast-paced city slicker, apartment lifestyle. But, just because you live in a high-rise home, doesn’t mean you can’t include elements that are perfect for a modern family. While a house is usually not an option here, it doesn’t mean that your modern living space cannot be as homely, private and cosy as possible, especially if it’s for the single family.

Traits of a single family home

The styles of single family homes in Hong Kong are typically apartments, condominiums, duplex style accommodation and a few stand alone houses located on the outside of the city. The single-family home can accommodate a smaller family unit, usually consisting of 2 to 5 people. However, the housing or residence doesn’t need separate bedrooms for each member of the household, although the layout needs to be comfortable enough not to be cramped or too close for comfort. The single family home often shares one or more of its walls with the structure next door, such as the design for an apartment complex or multi family house.

Single family home construction

Innovative modern living is part of the city lifestyle in Hong Kong, which is why the Government has opted to improve building energy efficiency, through the Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance. Under this Ordinance, certain types of buildings have to comply with Building Energy Code (BEC) or Energy Audit Code (EAC). This regulation came into full operation on 21 September 2012. The Government in Hong Kong is also taking a stance on renewable energy, especially since the city is highly energy dependent. Renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels will never run out. Solar and wind energy are being relied on more and more for their abundance. Another vital factor is that they can be used again and do not emit greenhouse gases or pollutants into the atmosphere. Using renewable energy allows the environment to be cleaner and more sustainable.

Hong Kong is one of the most at risk cities prone to natural disasters, single family homes are therefore constructed to withstand anything from earthquakes to tsunamis and even floods. However, the Government has developed contingency plans and strategies to protect and evacuate citizens from the area should the disaster become high risk.

Possible legal issues when building a single family home

The major issue when it comes to the construction of a residence in Hong Kong is the cost and whether or not a mortgage is affordable when compared to renting a home. The size of these city apartments are rather small in terms of space, layout and even design. Although there is a highly coveted group of single family homes, situated the New Territories of Hong Kong, these are only in existence only due to a government provision from the early 1970s, entitled the Small House Policy. This Policy allows the original owners to sell their homes to any buyer, although some penalty fees apply to hamper the sale, they are not high enough to discourage owners determined to sell.

Pros & cons of single family homes

Freestanding or apartment living, owners of single family homes are usually able to make any changes to their property, as long as it falls within the guidelines of the municipality or body corporate society of the building. The alternations need to comply with municipal regulations or the relevant local authorities, such as the complexor housing estate. However, it’s best to check with the relevant authority before beginning with any structural changes, as you may require planning permission before proceeding. Single family homes allow for more privacy than a usual apartment and as a result or their location in the suburbs, these homes are quieter than city-bound locations.

The disadvantages of single family homes include taking responsibility for all household costs, from the rates and taxes to water, electricity and insurance. Maintenance of the facade, garden area, perimeter wall and driveway are another requirement for the homeowner.

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