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Spa design ideas, inspiration & pictures

  1. by faktor holz Minimalist
  2. Modern spa by Isabella Magalhães Arquitetura & Interiores Modern Stone
  3. Need help with your home project?
  4. Modern spa by Plena Madeiras Nobres Modern
  5. Tropical style spa by Bianca Ferreira Arquitetura e Interiores Tropical Ceramic
  6. Rustic style spa by Архитектор Татьяна Стащук Rustic
  7. Country style spa by BAMBU CARBONO ZERO Country Bamboo Green
  8. Need help with your home project?
  9. Asian style spa by 참우리건축 Asian
  10. Modern spa by Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern
  11. Scandinavian style spa by 森本敦志建築設計事務所 Scandinavian Wood Wood effect
  12. Modern spa by NUOVO IDEAS Modern
  13. by MIDE architetti Minimalist
  14. Rustic style spa by Espaço do Traço arquitetura Rustic
  15. by Catini & Catini arquitetura Modern
  16. by Çilek Spa Design Modern Ceramic
  17. by Cláudia Legonde Modern Wood Wood effect
  18. by Cláudia Legonde Modern Wood Wood effect
  19. Modern spa by Hasta architects Modern
  20. Modern spa by Braun Haus Modern
  21. Mother of Pearl Projects Minimalist spa by MegaTiles Minimalist
  22. Modern spa by Arch.Karim Modern
  23. Scandinavian style spa by JESSICA DESIGN STUDIO Scandinavian
  24. Modern spa by Studio² Modern
  25. Modern spa by Studio² Modern
  26. Modern spa by Studio² Modern
  27. Modern spa by [ADitude*] Architecture Modern
  28. Asian style spa by atelier137 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN OFFICE Asian
  29. Minimalist spa by viemme61 Minimalist
  30. Rustic style spa by Stefani Arquitetura Rustic Wood Wood effect
  31. Asian style spa by 竹村空間 Zhucun Design Asian
  32. Inspiration: Design sauna by corso sauna manufaktur gmbh Modern Wood Wood effect
  33. by ODEL Country Wood Wood effect

Do you ever feel like escaping from this world and move to some relaxed, peaceful place and leaving behind all your worries? Don’t worry; almost all of us want this now or then in our life because of an anarchy in today’s life. The relaxation time has become a need in urban life especially these days. The best way to fulfil this desire is having your personal spa at home. SPA becomes a source for sparing a dedicated time for ‘you’ only. Furthermore, it also lets you refresh, detox, reveal and spruce up yourself. 

Having some extra space in your home is a real blessing. It will be best to consume that space and make it your private spa. However, those who don’t have enough space to set their luxurious SPA, they can use the small nursery or extra walk-in closet for it. The adequate equipment, atmosphere and soft theme all can perfectly serve the purpose of tranquil spa.

Spa can be located both indoor and outdoor. However, a few things should be kept in mind while designing a spa at your home. The location of a spa is a very important thing and it needs to be decided carefully. Spa location must be private, quiet, and calm. So it can help to relax the person rather than creating a mess. Furthermore, its location can affect its serenity extensively. It should be located at a place where there are silence and peace. As an ideal Spa should be dark, secretive satisfying. If you are blessed enough to have a good view anywhere inside your home, then you should utilize it for your spa set up.

If you are looking for designs and ideas for putting up a spa at your home, then you should see all ideas provided at homify website. They are elegant and fascinating. After looking at them, you won’t search anymore. A few incredible ideas are mentioned below to get inspiration for setting up your own spa.

Group SPA 

If you are too busy with your work life and can’t get time to spend it with your friends. Then I got a perfect idea for you. You can set up a spa for a small group of people at your home. In this way, you would be able to enjoy your friends' company. Moreover, you can relax and detoxify your body at the same time. The spa is too charming and soothing. Soft colours combination of furniture along with admirable wallpaper depicting a little blending of nature creates an overall perfect atmosphere to spend your quality time. Comforting your body with light gossips with favourite people will make your spa experience a heavenly one. 

Simple and Elegant 

Do you have less space at your home for spa set up? Then this simple and private spa design is a perfect choice for you. It is a fantastic place to shed you whole day worries. It's soft and simple design is also easy to set up with low cost. Wooden boundaries can make you feel more comfortable and apart. This design also contains a small storage space to store spa goodies.  It can make your work neater and will prompt you to visit your spa regularly. 

Outdoor SPA 

If you want to enjoy your spa at an outdoor location, then this outdoor spa design along with pools is an unmatchable choice for you. Spending time at this luxurious spa will let you relax your body and refresh it for better functioning. This artistic design can provide you benefits of enjoying sunlight, calmness, and spa at the same time.