Study/Office Interior design ideas, inspiration & pictures

Decorating a home office

Over the course of years, one thing that people have started doing is telecommuting. As the technology is advancing, staying at home and completing the work has become convenient rather than physically going to the office. This is ideal for women who have kids to look after and can’t really go out of the house and work for a living. They start working from home or freelancing that provides them the best of both worlds; Staying at home as well as earning some bucks. 

However, when you work from home, you need to take special care of the ambiance in which you are working. No matter it is your home, you still need to act like it is an office. For that, you need to decorate a special place in your house as an office or a study that will let you work in peace and with full concentration. Some of the amazing ideas to decorate your home office or study are as follows: 

Ergonomic Office Furniture 

Your office at home needs to be prim and proper at all times yet, should provide you a calming feel. For that, you can add shelves to your office that will keep all your files proper. Use light colours when it comes to buying furniture! Apart from that, having an easy access to your desktop computer by utilizing a proper working desk is pertinent. Get your hands on some good looking computer tables and chairs even if you need to splurge a bit for it. 

Another thing that you can do is to go for ergonomic furniture items. When it comes to accessorizing, add items that help you in achieving comfort and flexibility like optimal height, accurate angle to the desk and chairs with lumbar support. However, make sure not to go for the bling items as they might distract you from doing your work. Not only can this but you also get help from some DIY projects if you are not interested in splurging in order to make your office look effervescent. Don’t compromise as it will stay with you for the longest possible time. Get your hands on all the stationary required to set your office up along with some customized items. 

Paint the Walls 

If you are really looking forward to making your home office look different from the actual ones, you need to do something out of the box. For the walls of your office or study, you can go for the prints rather than the simple and mainstream paint idea. Do a bit of the research and that will help you in knowing about the best wallpapers that you can actually use for the walls of your office. Having the flower wallpapers would be a good idea to go for.

Keep the Wires Hidden

As it is a home office, your kids can obviously get inside it easily. Therefore, you need to be a bit careful about the scattered wires inside your office place. Make sure that the cable connected to your desktop or the one that is attached to the printer is hidden. Take special measures to keep the cables and wires out of the sight of your kids.