Country style living ideas & inspiration

The dream of country style living is ever more popular among today's busy, modern professionals, particularly among those who live or spend a great deal of time in crowded, harried cities. A country style life may seem miles away to a worker in a small city centre apartment but in truth, a modern country style is achievable anywhere utilising popular country decorating ideas such as wooden floors, exposed beams and richly patterned curtains and rugs, which can be easily installed in homes of any size.

Country style living

Country style living is evocative of another age, a quieter, calmer kind of living free from the stresses of modern, urban life. A country style home design should involve at least the illusion of lots of light and wide, open spaces, and rustic elements such as unfinished brick walls and exposed wooden beams and ceiling supports. Country style décor should incorporate elements of the traditional; paisley patterned rugs or curtains, throw pillows and natural materials such as fur and woollen throws which create a cosy, homely atmosphere. Furniture too, should be made from wood wherever possible, either pine of mahogany being popular options, to create a visual link to a time and place where man lived off the land.

Where do I find country style décor ideas?

Homeowners seeking design ideas for a modern home décor in the country style, or indeed, any other, will find a veritable plethora of inspiration on homify. Users can browse design ideas either by room or by style, saving any country style designs that catch their eye to their very own online ideabook. Like an online scrapbook, an ideabook is a place where homify fans can save all the images and designs that appeal to them in one place with just a couple of easy clicks. It's even possible to add text to design images saved from the site, meaning it's easy to quickly collate a personalised collection of country style decorating ideas to get started on creating a modern country style dream home with, complete with visual inspirations and written notes with handy how to guides.

How can I decorate my home in the country style?

How exactly a person decorates their home in a country style is down to individual tastes and preferences - it is important for budding interior designers to stick to styles and designs they personally find appealing, rather than incorporating certain elements just to stick to a theme. There are, however, some basic country style home décor ideas that form the basis of any modern country style. Country style living rooms, for example, are best decorated using warm, creamy colours and classic, rich patterns, using natural and traditional elements like fur throws and knitted cushion covers to create a a comfortable, homely feel. Wood is also a key element; be it exposed beams, wooden floors, a grand dining table or a simple rocking chair, wooden features will really tie together any country style home design.

Create a cosy atmosphere with country style décor

Country style living is partly so popular because it is so strongly associated with creature comforts and a warm, cosy and homely atmosphere, conducive to some much need relaxation. A country style décor should emanate warmth, and if possible, installing a traditional fireplace or wood burner is ideal. Otherwise, a modern country style can be created with warm but pale colours, such as cream or light pink for the walls, to create a look of golden sunlight and space as found in the open countryside. Natural, soft materials also create a cosy atmosphere and are incredibly comfortable and comforting to snuggle up to - wool, fur, leather and suede are all ideal. Wooden flooring (covered with luxurious deep pile rugs), and furniture also add to the cosy, back to basics feeling of a modern country style.

How can I decorate a large room in the country style?

Owners of large rooms are lucky because light and space are key to a country style home décor - they should add to this appeal by using pale but creamy colours such as ivory for walls, taking advantage of large windows wherever possible. A larger space also means more possibilities for including patterns without overcrowding the room - classic patterns such as paisley, floral, chequered, striped or argyle are all ideal country style decorating ideas. More floor space potentially means more room for a large, comfortable sofa, upholstered in classic style to curl up on, and for bigger faux fur or heavily patterned rugs to add to a comfortable and cosy feel. Finally, a large room, has more space for ornaments, souvenirs and personal mementos, all of which create a homely atmosphere, which is a key element of modern country style.

Country style wall design

Something as simple as the colour of the walls can be key to creating a successful country style living environment. Warm but lighter shades are ideal for those planning on painting their walls; cream, pink and yellow will all suffice. Wallpaper should definitely be in a traditional design with a classic pattern in muted tones. An alternative modern home décor in a country style is to opt for a rustic approach with exposed brick work in rich, dusty reds. As far as country decorating ideas for walls go, less is more, but a few personal touches such as family photographs in gold or wooden frames, clocks and mirrors that cleverly reflect light from windows to give an airy, outdoorsy feeling are definitely welcome and to be encouraged for anyone interested in creating a country style home. 

Which colours suit a country style house?

Where to begin! It depends upon the item. As has been mentioned before, pale colours for walls are largely a good idea for creating an illusion of light and open space that is evocative of the countryside, however,country style living should be warm and homely too, so some darker touches, particularly in mahogany or varnished oak furniture will look great and particularly on theme, as well as the odd richly patterned rug or sofa throw comforting oranges or reds.

What needs to be considered when decorating in the country style?

One of the most important things to consider when decorating in the country style is fabrics and materials. A country style home décor focuses mainly on natural materials such as wood for furniture - plastic or too much metal should be avoided for an authentic country style look.

Which style for my home?

There are as many interior design ideas as there are people in the world, and which style to choose is down the individual. A few things, however, can be considered before making a decision, such as how the designer sees the role of their home. Is it a place to relax or a place to party? Whether a home should be a place of calm or somewhere with a lively atmosphere will have a bearing on the décor. Another factor could be important is the layout and structural possibilities of the house. A modern country style would work well with a property such as a converted farm house or cottage, but if the property is more industrialised, such as converted warehouse, which is an ever popular option, a minimalist or industrial style could be the best fit. However, what is most important is that the style reflects the owners personality and taste - anything is possible with a little effort.

Classic homes

Classic style homes are great for people who don't like anything too fussy or loud. Relying largely on neutral colours such as white, tan and grey, a classic design looks well kept and sophisticated with minimal effort, and will never go out of fashion or date.

Eclectic style homes

Not everyone's tastes can be nailed down to one particular design, and that's where eclectic style homes come in. Whether it's a country style living room, a Mediterranean kitchen and a Scandinavian style bedroom or a blend of all those styles and more in every room, an eclectic style is a fun way of making sure a homeowner's whole personality is showcased through their interior design.

Minimalist homes

Minimalist homes are proof that less is sometimes more. People who can't stand clutter will gravitate naturally towards this style, which involves few ornaments or decorations and a minimal amount of highly functional furniture - everything has a purpose in a minimalist style home.